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News: Basketball Programs On Hold

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11/2/2020 12:00:00 AM  Marilyn Wallace 

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Wells Parks & Recreation basketball programs are currently on hold.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer basketball programs this year and possibly into the new year. Rec staff, HS Coach Troy Brown, Rec Coaches for all grades and levels are extremely proud of what everyone has accomplished over the years. Wells players of all ages have worked hard on their basketball skills and that has helped make our Rec programs, teams and school teams successful throughout the years and for many more to come. Great job everyone!

This decision was not an easy one to make however several factors that are preventing us from running any basketball or indoor activities are:
• Covid-19 guidelines restrict the number of people allowed to be an area for both outside and inside venues.
• Participants would need to be in small groups spread out 6’ or more which limits the number of people in a space and greatly expands the amount of space needed.
• We do not have an indoor gymnasium and rely on school facilities.
• All school gyms are filled with desks for students to spread out for classes and lunch.
• Desks, tables, and chairs in the gyms will not be moved each day to open the space up for activities. This is extremely labor intensive, there is no place to put these items if they were moved, and all moved items would need thorough cleaning prior to student use the following day.
• The gym would need to be cleaned after school before Rec programs started, in-between each different Rec group/team, then again at the end after Rec programs are finished. School and Rec staff will not have time or resources to thoroughly clean these facilities after each use.
• Schools have limited access to the schools to staff and students only.
• Schools are uncertain if they will have indoor sports at this time and if they do most schools will have to find alternative facilities as the gyms are being used as extra classroom and student space.

If anything changes, we will inform everyone and make our best effort to offer activities.

Thank you,
Wells Parks & Recreation